The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.2

A picture from the first five shots taken by Capa

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The Moment we become Witnesses of History at the time it is written : The monumental and shocking front page of the New York Times, Sunday, May 24, 2020 (Photo: Tampa Bay Times)

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Ready to go beyond her times : Kaiti Kyriakopoulou (1922 - 2020) in a rare photo from her youth (photo: enpel.gr) He saw the first light in October 1922 in Bucharest. Her life is an endless journey: England, France, Greece, [...]

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Ex machina: The patroness of Athens, goddess Athena, ready to defend Greece's capital city, even in those strange and awkward first days of the lockdown. PHOTO: AP Do not let a crisis go to waste (But Don't Expect The Whole [...]

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