The Rise of Covidnomics

by KAUSHIK BASU* The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing medical professionals and economists alike to grapple with issues that cross the normal boundaries of their respective disciplines. Recognizing this creates scope for policy interventions that can contain the pandemic without crushing [...]

Contracts at the time of Covid-19 – force majeure and bona fide

Article by Urania V.Zervobeakou* The rapid spread of the corona SARS-CoV worldwide and the resulting pandemic have significant side effects on social and economic life and the business environment in general. It is therefore certain that in the near future, [...]

The fraud risk in SMEs and the role of Corporate Governance

Article by Irene I. Papadopoulou* Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the main body of the Greek economy and an integral part of its production mechanism. The Greek economy has pinned its hopes on growth and gradual release from the [...]

The new normality in companies requires the management of human experience

Article by Olivia Kyriakidou* Until very recently, our absolute habit, but also the "must", was to leave our personal life out of work and vice versa. We went to work wearing work uniforms and stripped of any staff that completed [...]


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