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Robert Capa was the most emblematic and accomplished photojournalist. He was essentially a pioneer. He was so devoted that he eventually lost his life in the field of the First Indochina War. The symbol ε (the greek character for the letter “e”) is the typical denoted symbol of the Relative Permittivity in Physics, which links electricity to mechanics, two theories that were apparently irrelevant to each other.

Capa and Epsilon. Pioneering, dedication and a link between seemingly different ideas and practices. The key factor in the problems of modern entrepreneurship, with aesthetic and measurable imprint.

Press Releases – News

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.1

    Magnificent Eleven is a set of photographs from D-Day (June 6, 1944) taken by Robert Capa. Capa landed with the second wave of troops on Omaha beach, facing the month of German machine guns through the crypts of the Atlantic Wall. Under constant crossfire, Capa [...]

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.2

    A picture from the first five shots taken by Capa

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.3

    Invasion in History : The 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division moving towards the D-Day Beach taken by Capa

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.4

    History in motion : The 16th Infantry Regiment begins to create the required beachhead

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.5

    The inevitable: the hatch of the transfer boat opens in front of the longest day of the War

  • The Magnificent Eleven Day Pt.6

    The crystal clear blurred image of the longest day : An American soldier tries to reach Omaha beach, accepting the countless missiles from the German defence.

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