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Robert Capa was the most emblematic and accomplished photojournalist. He was essentially a pioneer. He was so devoted that he eventually lost his life in the field of the First Indochina War. The letter ε is the typical denoted symbol of the Relative Permittivity in Physics , which links electricity to mechanics, two theories that were apparently irrelevant to each other.

Capa and Epsilon. Pioneering, dedication and a link between seemingly different ideas and practices. The key factor in the problems of modern entrepreneurship, with aesthetic and measurable imprint.

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Reuters World News

World Court must stop genocide in Myanmar: Gambia tells Hague judges

On 10 December 2019Source: Reuters: World News

U.N. judges at the International Court oRead more

Spitting volcano keeps search parties off New Zealand's White Island

On 10 December 2019Source: Reuters: World News

Fearing the volcano could erupt again, sRead more

U.S. panel eyes sanctions for Indian minister over citizenship curb for Muslims

On 10 December 2019Source: Reuters: World News

A federal panel on religion has urged thRead more

Europe's human rights court calls for release of Turkish businessman

On 10 December 2019Source: Reuters: World News

The European Court of Human Rights on TuRead more

Myanmar's Suu Kyi arrives at Hague court for genocide hearing

On 10 December 2019Source: Reuters: World News

Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi arriveRead more

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    A banana, duct-taped to a wall went on a sale at Art Basel Miami Beach this week -- priced at $120,000. And, according to art market website Artnet, two of the three editions have already sold, with the last now going for $150,000. The work, by Maurizio Cattelan, [...]

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    Mobile 'Escobar' are promoted from $ 399 According to the creator of the mobile phone, his primary goal is to compete with Apple. Pablo Escobar's family is now active in new business areas, with his brother creating a series of smartphones called "Escobar Fold 1". [...]

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    The new war on the planet for sand: Why it's so valuable Increased demand and the black market A very interesting BBC report explains why sand is valuable, sold on the black market and has triggered explosions of violence lately. And we may all have [...]

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Bridge Financing

December 5th, 2019|

What is Bridge financing, often in the form of a bridge loan, is a temporary financing option used by companies and other entities to consolidate their financial position in the [...]

Continuous Accounting Model

November 28th, 2019|

Since modern accounting principles were first introduced in the early 20th century, the R2R model (record to report, that is, reporting based on accounts) was the dominant accounting process. This [...]

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