CapaEpsilon spPCC ® was established in 2015 as a consulting firm. However, both, the business momentum and its philosophy about the the site and the role of today’s-entrepreneur in economy and society have led her to develop an integrated list of services and products, thus building a complete profile of a modern and competitive Outsourcing Service Provider.

In 2019, a new long-term development plan was launched, focusing on the implementation of three key objectives:

  • Initially the transfer of the company’s headquarters to new modern and functional offices in the center of Athens. The plan has already been implemented and now one can find us at 18 Charilaou Trikoupi Street.
  • Secondly, the spread of the brand through a network of six branches by 2021, in order to have the Center’s peripheral presence. Until 2022, we intend to establish our first two branches outside Athens, the first in Northern Greece (Thessaloniki) and the second in Southern Greece (Kalamata).
  • Thirdly, strategic partnerships with affiliates, as our philosophy that focuses on giver’s – gain policy and the current economic climate, leads us. By 2022, we expect the completion of two related MOUs with counterparties, members of the so-called Big-6.

So far, the qualitative and quantitative weighting of CapaEpsilon spPCC®’s performance at the start of its presence in the Market leaves its customers, executives and associates a single feeling: Αbsolute οptimism.