The Due Diligence Study or Feasibility Study is the process of systematic and thorough research, diagnosis and observation to secure a future investment. The purpose of the process is to gather all the necessary data and information to accurately estimate both the cost and the expected return on investment. CapaEpsilon spPCC ®, with experience as well as appropriate human resources, undertakes business due diligence studies, business plan assessment, financial asset assessment, sustainability testing, risk assessment and mitigation measures.

CapaEpsilon spPCC ® undertakes specialized legal – consulting – financial intermediation projects. Within this framework, we can offer you:

  • Legal assistance in loan or debt settlement negotiations with banks, the State-authorities or other third party.
  • Special Purpose Vehicles, Bridge financing, stock-options plans
  • Franchising projects
  • Copyright issues
  • Preparation of a file under Law 4469/2017 (Out-of-court business settlement mechanism)