The credibility raise of the Greek business’ to international and domestic markets, as well as improving their competitiveness, are directly linked to the proper application of corporate governance principles. In particular, in relation to the key stakeholders of a company (shareholders – management, society), the basic principles of corporate governance concern:

  • Independence of the Board of Directors: Board of Directors that operates, independently of its leadership, for the benefit of the company and not the management itself.
  • The remuneration policy of executives: aligned with the business strategy, which rewards the achievement of long-term corporate goals.
  • Introducing measurable indicators to promote long-term corporate value and implementing sustainability practices: Commitment to business by alerting and raising awareness of improving financial and non-financial indicators: in particular: Enviroment, Society, Governance (ESG).

Companies through their Corporate Governance policies will now gain strategic advantages over the quality and the way they are financed, while at the same time the Market receives the clear and direct signal they emit.

Also, the internal framework of Transparency rules, the applicable Quality Assurance systems and the Supply Chain management philosophy complete the set of requirements of a modern stakeholder.

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