Businesses that contribute to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are capable of creating positive social and environmental impacts while at the same time taking a serious lead in shaping economic growth conditions. CapaEpsilon spPCC®, pioneers the process of identifying investment opportunities that are directly related to these goals, identifying the business impact that will be tomorrow’s growth pioneers.

The Corporate Responsibility Principles and Comprehensive Implementation Framework, in conjunction with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations Summit on September 25, 2015 in New York, effective already from January 1, 2016, now delimit and engage all stakeholders – companies, consumers, funders, governments, public and private – in delivering a highly specific Roadmap with measurable goals, metrics and clear targeting .

Then, the implementation of Law 4403/2016 regarding the disclosure of non-financial data and information by businesses, but also in view of the activation of the Principles of Responsible Banking, most of the financing channels will be filtered by the performance of each company in the field. of Responsibility and Sustainability.

CapaEpsilon spPCC®, a member of the Hellenic Corporate Social Responsibility Network itself, maintains a complete palette of policies, procedures and tools so that your business can be delivered in a timely manner.