The main industries that CapaEpsilon spPCC ® serves are artisanal – industrial production, non – profit entities and service companies. The technical requirements per industry, aiming at the operational contribution of CapaEpsilon spPCC®, form the following frames, as appropriate:

Industry and crafts

Non – Profit – Organizations

Services and Outsourcing


Our approach to the industrial sector is based on the study of the cost accounting methodology. A very important issue that businesses have to deal with is the accurate and effective recording of their costs. In particular, nowadays, fixed cost management has become a major problem for companies in the industry. Our objective is to approach the sticky cost, which is one of the modern academic approaches to the separation of fixed costs from the variable. From this point of view, we examine the cost stickiness phenomenon with the ultimate goal of determining the behavior of total cost, ie whether this cost changes in proportion to changes in sales or stickiness. On a second level, we pay extraordinary importance to a range of cash-flow indexes (a combination of credit policy, commercial policy and inventory management). The final image is streamlined by customized Business Report Analysis, which simultaneously integrates the Triangle Forecast / Mid-term Forecasting.

Non Profit Organizations

 The fifth most important sector of the economy (after primary (raw materials and agriculture), secondary (manufacturing), tertiary (services) and quaternary (technologies – innovation)) is probably the most dynamic and growing part of the economic building, in addition possessing the special privileges of direct social visibility and relatively easy appreciation, in relation to the spent human capital needed. Our business approach is no different than a trading company, as we attach great importance to the survival and development of a non-profit organization that exists and operates exclusively through the vision it serves. We therefore manage this legal entity by helping both private fund raising and the search for and financing of funded actions and programs. In our portfolio, we have managed to manage such resources worth more than € 10 million.


As in the industry, the center of gravity of a service provider is spending its costs. With the help of extremely sophisticated and last-generation tools that combine HR’s KPI’s with purely accounting and financial practices and methodologies, we value manpower in great detail. At the same time, we are activating methods of research and development of new products, keeping our client updated.


In all three branches, we develop, alongside financial information, ways of quantifying qualitative figures that capture both corporate responsibility and the social sensitivity and solvency of each stakeholder with whom we cooperate .