Ready to go beyond her times : Kaiti Kyriakopoulou (1922 – 2020) in a rare photo from her youth (photo:

He saw the first light in October 1922 in Bucharest. Her life is an endless journey: England, France, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, West India, USA. Greece again. He studied Mathematics and Physics while working at Mount Holyoke University in Massachusetts. In 1970, her father died and she took over the management of the family businesses : Voxitai Parnassos, Silver Ore & Varytinis and the Iliopoulos Brothers. Like all the Patriarchs of modern domestic business, he designed and implemented policies of sustainability and corporate responsibility long before they appeared on the business horizon. Practicing its special care for the local communities where the companies of her interests were active, she created, among others, Mining Museums, Cultural Spaces and Conference Centers with the aim of economic and cultural development of these areas. It also offered dozens of scholarships, supported the Greek Refugee Council and stood by in institutions, museums, environmental and medical organisations  always without any public announcement of her initiatives and gestures.

He had an endless mood for life. He loved books and music, dancing and travelling. Having lived, educated and studied in four different countries, he felt like a small citizen of the world. Her ability to tell stories and anecdotes from her adventurous life was and will remain proverbial. She had spent part of her life on long journeys, exploring all continents. He had lived in America for ten years. Her friends included Jacques-Yves Cousteau and personalities from the intellectual world of Greece such as Manos Hadjidakis, Niki Goulandri, Katina Paxinou and Alexis Minotis – who had even urged her to become an actress when she was a student at Columbia University. New York.

On May 21, 2020, at the age of 97, Kaiti Kyriakopoulou left the world, leaving behind an admirable business, philanthropic and cultural imprint, capable of inspiring a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.