The day is gone, the… Jane Walker is coming. Johnnie Walker will release a female version of its classic logo in an effort to attract more women, while recognizing the spirit of the times that promotes gender equality.

A limited US edition of the world’s first whiskey sale will carry on its label a marching woman, in the same dress, cane and hat as the man in the familiar logo, to be named Jane Walker.

Owner Diageo hopes to expand the drink’s popularity, while also bringing women to the forefront, according to Stephanie Jacoby, vice president of Johnnie Walker. “Whiskey is a category of beverage that scares women,” said Jacobi. “It’s a great opportunity to invite women to the brand.”

Diageo is not the only one who puts a female face on a traditional male mascot. KFC introduced country singer Rimba McIntyre as Colonel Sanders in its latest publicity campaign in January.

Jane Walker’s launch is part of the ‘Keep Walking America’ campaign launched in 2016, an effort to reach out to a wider audience, with ads featuring Hispanic and veterans.

Scotch whiskey consumption rose 2.1% in the US between 2002 and 2017. And Johnnie Walker has left the competition behind, up 18% from last year.

Diageo, based in London, intends to showcase more women inside as well. In April, its board of directors will consist of 50% women, according to Jacoby. It also requires advertising agencies to include at least one woman in charge of each proposal for cooperation.

Jane Walker will appear in 250,000 bottles of 12-year-old Black Label in March. For each bottle, Diageo donates one dollar to organizations promoting women, such as Monumental Woman and She Should Run. Although it is a limited number of bottles, Jane will not be lost. “We see Jane as the first female version of the label with the walking man. We imagine Johnnie and Jane walking forward together, “Jacobi commented.