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Posting of the newsletter may be stopped at any time by using the corresponding visible links in the body of the newsletters you receive or by filling in the relevant field on the website contact form for downloading or discontinuing this digital service.

  1. E-SHOPS

 The Company provides its visitors with the opportunity to purchase books, ensuring the protection of personal data submitted for the use – completion of these services.

Under current law, we inform prospective customers of (a) the essential characteristics of the good (summary of the table of contents of the book), (b) the price including VAT, (c) the method of payment, and the customer informs us of the place. delivery of the order and the type of document that it wishes to issue for this transaction. The company does not guarantee the immediate availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs – on the contact information provided by the customer by completing the relevant form – of the availability and estimated time of completion of the order and delivery of the product. interested customer. The client reserves the right to withdraw in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

The browsing of the online bookstore is anonymous and therefore we do not collect, process or share your personal information with third parties. Potential promotion of our selected products or services takes place only by sending our newsletter. So if you would like to receive such updates, we encourage you to subscribe to it by following the steps described above.

In case of completing and executing an order, our Company, although requesting your VAT, name, address, telephone, DOY, your profession and your e- mail , processes and retains only the information listed in the tax information issued for the purpose of sale for the period provided by the Tax Law.


The Website is also a web site for meeting and offering workplace opportunities to facilitate employee recruitment and job placement for companies.

The Website allows you to post (by listing the information you will be asked on the https: // www.capaepsilon.com / jobs / index / addjob form ) job search or job listings exclusively for the job categories you you will find in the relevant field of the form.

Use of the Website services is available only to adults acting for themselves or as legal representatives of companies for the purpose of seeking a job or staff.

Jobseekers must act in good faith and in line with market goals. In particular, employees / candidates and employers / companies have to offer jobs that are not contrary to the law and to good morals.

Employees and companies must provide correct and true information. Given the difficulty of ascertaining the accuracy of the data entered, the Website in no way guarantees the accuracy of the data entered, nor does it take any responsibility for the content of the data entered.

At the same time, it enables the service user (natural person) to choose to hide part of his personal information from those who have access to his resume. During consistently and according to the choice of the employee, the recipients of the information recorded, (employers / companies) will have access to either the full or the general data of the employee.

In addition, interested parties are prohibited from registering sensitive data, such as political views, nationality, religion, gender, or other personal information that may violate the candidate’s personality.

The Website reserves the right to suspend or suspend user access to the Website in the event that it finds any breach of these terms and conditions of use.

For the purpose of facilitating users, the Website hosts links to other web sites for which the content, as well as its proper and proper operation, is not responsible. Any link to such sites is the sole responsibility of the user.

Solely responsible for the accuracy of the information publicly displayed is registrant ad

The information that the user chooses to make public on the Site is public, and all completed fields are entered into a separate database of the Website to which only our authorized employee and you personally have access, as a unique corrections registration code is sent to you to the published text. The Site As not interfere between the registrant ad and anyone who shows interest in this communication.

Ads are automatically deleted after six months of initial posting or earlier, if you so request.

The Website in no way acts as a consultant for employees and companies. Consequently, the presentation of the registrations in the system cannot be considered or can be considered as a proposal for the employment contract on the Website , in particular with the terms and conditions as to the specific characteristics, conditions and nature of the job. .

Therefore, it has nothing to do with the recruitment made after information shared between companies / employers and employees / candidates, through the Website and in accordance with the latter’s rules. The operation of the Website is aimed at informing the interested parties and in no way guarantees them employment or job placement.

For this reason, the Website is not responsible for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage or loss on the part of users from the use of this free service.


We host ads on the  Website . Our company has no responsibility for the communication of its users or visitors with the third parties that are advertised for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

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Finally, we encourage you to consult the section on privacy and the use of cookies .



  1. Personal Data and Use of Cookies : The Website , leading the way in updating and raising awareness of the implementation of the 2017/697 EU Regulation, respects and protects your personal data. When you access the Website as a visitor, you wish to receive our online newsletter, subscribe to our services or obtain the privilege of using our subscription services, sharing with us any personal information that may vary. All of our Web site data , including (mainly) databases containing the personal information you shared with us and are processed as described above, are stored encrypted in both a certified and secure server center design within of the European Union. There is another category of personal data we collect and the recognition of each visitor, member or not of the Website computer by using technologies such as cookies and / or monitoring protocol address internet (IP). The cookies are small files that are sent and saved to your computer or any other device you use to access the Internet every time you visit a website, without knowledge of any document or file from your device. We use cookies   for a variety of reasons, in particular to facilitate user access to the member services offered as well as for statistical purposes. Also, the ad suspension frame on the website, third party advertisers or advertising servers, including Google , may place or recognize unique cookies in the browser ( browser ) used by a visitor.


We remind you that social media cookies allow you to link and share your Website content with these networks. For example, you can personalize your internet browsing in a way that warns you or prevent you from using certain or all cookies . We are obliged to note, however, that the non-acceptance of certain cookies may adversely affect our ability to provide services and information on the Website , especially as regards the services enjoyed by our members and subscribers.

  1. Collection   and processing of personal data : As described above when you sign up for our newsletter, you apply to become a member of our Website , purchase books or wish to benefit from the use of our subscription services and / or products you fill out in dedicated digital forms the occasionally requested personal information which is sometimes necessary to enable the service requested, sometimes for your identification which aims at communication between us and sometimes for the smooth fulfillment of our contract.
  2. Your Rights : Seamlessly Keep :

[1] the right of access and information, the right to request and receive information about the personal data you have provided to us.

We inform you in advance that we do not record phone calls to the Site , either referring to technical problems that may arise in the operation of the Website , or expressing interest or processing the download of subscription services, or the purchase of products or services. We will also not bother you so much about the forthcoming termination of your subscription to make use of our subscription services and products. We keep your data secure and up to date for as long as we have an active consent for the reasons given. We reserve the right to use or disclose your personal information (for example in connection with research by a public authority), where we have a legal right or duty. At the same time, the personal data we collect in the course of our commercial transactions, after the transaction between us is retained in the form and for the period specified by the Law. In this case, we are committed to protecting the data we hold for the above reasons. Finally, we remind you that the Site uses social media such as Facebook, Google , YouTube , Instragram , LinkedIn and Twitter. This way data can be retrieved. If you are logged into one of these, the network can match your site visit with the user account. If you are a social network user and do not want the data retrieved from your visit to the site to be combined , you must first log out of your social network before logging in as they have their own alerts or privacy policies, which we strongly recommend read on. To the extent that we do not own or control any linked websites or apps , we are not responsible for their content, nor for any use of the sites or apps, nor for the privacy practices of the sites or apps .

The cookies social media give you the ability to connect to networks of social media you use and sharing content of our Websites social media. The cookies advertising (third) collect information to better help personalize ads according to your interests, both on our own web sites as well as others. In some cases, these cookies include the processing of your personal data. Rejecting such cookies may result in ads that are not relevant to you or your inability to effectively connect with Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and / or your inability to share content on social media. networking.

[2] the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate or up-to-date information about you or even to provide additional information about you.

[3] the right to limit or exclude the processing of your personal data if you question the accuracy of the information we hold about you. We remind you that if you request your removal from the newsletter, your information will no longer appear in our databases. If you decide rewrite will need to follow the original procedure as if it were new record .De have for this technology to automated delete inactive accounts of members Site bedrooms. If you wish to unsubscribe from Members, please contact us at the as defined below

[4] the right to portability

If you wish to exercise any of these rights please contact us as follows:

You can send

-E-mail to Website address via communication

-Post letter to Charilaou Trikoupi 18 18 79 79 Athens

unless using the available and automated services provided by the Website your application may be processed automatically

-Your written request must be accompanied by those appropriate documents relating to your identification. processing of your request is provided free of charge. A ‘reasonable fee’ charge may be claimed where a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, especially if it is repeated.

The Website uses technical security measures to protect your personal data from loss, destruction and any unauthorized access by third parties.


Our current laws and practices change over time. If we decide to update our privacy policy, we will post the changes on the Website . If we make any substantial changes to the way we process your personal data, we will send you a prior notice or, where required by law, request your consent to effect such changes. We strongly recommend that you read our privacy policy and keep up to date with our practices. For any questions, comments or comments please feel free to contact us

This Privacy Policy was last amended on October the 18th  2019 .



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