Regular tax statements (income, VAT, withholding taxes, etc.) are submitted by our 1st Class Chartered Accountant, licensed by the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. Our presence is our client’s choice in terms of frequency and place of service. Monitoring the cash flow planning of the business is assisted by our Tax Return and Fees Period, which our customer receives on the 12th business day of each month. If it does not wish to do so, it may receive a more complete 12-month cash flow plan in the future. Any type of audit (regular, expected or extraordinary) is handled by a special team of CapaEpsilon spPCC ®, whether it comes from the narrow or broader Greek State (Public Financial Service, Financial Crimes Prosecution, Securities, Securities and Exchange Authorities, ), or related to private entities (statutory auditors or appraisers, certification intermediaries, financial institutions, etc.).

The entire scope of work and responsibilities relating to staff payroll and management remuneration is executed by the CapaEpsilon spPCC ® Financial Human Resources Dpt. At least four of our highly skilled executives are responsible for keeping and submitting to relevant platforms all the information that concerns you. At our customer service, there are at all times (24/7 status), in addition to the Financial Human Resources Division, two Specialist Legal Representatives to handle the relevant aspects of each case.

Also, CapaEpsilon spPCC ®:

  • Informs its cliententle immediately of any developments and / or changes in the legal, regulatory or other similar framework
  • Provides the company with a special manual for keeping electronic and hardcopy records of all payroll data and employee files.
  • Checks through all the procedures, at least annually, at least on an annual basis, as they apply to the head office and any branches of the business