CapaEpsilon spPCC ® provides services for the supervision and oversight of tax and accounting tasks and obligations, embraces fully and in every detail the operational spectrum of each financial management of any branch of activity. Starting with the entry in the accounting records of a simple element, we arrive at selective and highly personalized information, of a purely financial nature.

On a regular basis, the customer receives in electronic and printed form flow reports, essentially designed by him, enriched, both with the appropriate historical-comparative data and with future projections. Of course, and if we ask for it, we are not able to make accounting presentations. We can extend to commercial or administrative data, as well as to specific exercises with reference to production.

Our client is briefed on a detailed presentation of his performance, and a Business Report Analysis (BRA) is produced in a periodical of his choice (month, two or three months) which compiles accounting and commercial data.

The official financial statements of each year are designed with large entity specifications (types B1, B2, B3 and B4 according to Greek Accounting Standards) and include additional non-financial data (environmental footprint, labor relations, corporate governance, quality added value produced); is accompanied by a complete Financial-Commercial Report of the actions for the considered Use.