CSR Hellas’ initiative for the interconnection of the business community with academics and students is in progress, with the organization of the 5th cycle of Student Competition for CSR “Nikos Analytis”.This year’s competition topic, is the issue of inequalities between men and women in the workplace.

Gender equality is the 5th of the Sustainable Development Goals. A total of 17 Objectives have been established by the United Nations and are a global commitment of Member States to address modern challenges.

This 5th Goal aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Our country ranks last among the 28 Members of the European Union (2019 data) on Gender Equality. Also, any progress made in the last 15 years is below the European average.

To a large extent, the low performance of our country is due to strong social stereotypes as well as inequalities prevailing in the labor sector, such as low participation of women on boards and positions of responsibility of companies, the gap between wages and insufficient infrastructure for reconciling business with family life.

The aim of the competition is to make young people more aware and concerned about gender equality. We invite young people to collaborate in groups, to research, to learn, to study and to present their own views and proposals on this issue.

The complete description of 2020 theme is:

“The elimination of inequality between men and women, which is still recorded in the workplace, remains a question for our country.

-What do you think is the cause of this inequality?
-What is or should be the role of companies in tackling the phenomenon?
-What other stakeholders could contribute and how?
-How could successful foreign models be an example to follow?
-What do you suggest should be done in Greece and how? ”
-Who participates

The competition is attended by groups of students (consisting of 3-4 people) of higher education, undergraduate and postgraduate programs from all universities. The basic condition is that the student is in his second year of study and above.