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Communicate effectively with the Market

The Point All forms of communication and marketing are available. Examples: B2B Marketing, social media, branding, viral marketing and neuromarketing. The blueprint Combined design, continuous measurement of the campaign, before and after launch and implementation of alignment tools, depending on [...]

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Create a business concept

The Point Use ultra-specific methods (Franchising, Customer Service, Competitive Advantage, Customer Experience Ideas, Specialized Commercial Imprints - social, subculture etc.) to approach customer base or identify market demands The blueprint Setting up a task force, questionnaires of the latest digital [...]

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Set up an online store

The Point Design an e-shop with functionality, security and measurable commercial and financial impact The blueprint State-of-the-art digital visibility and security tools, link to business management and / or enterprise ERP usage, order execution tracking flow.

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Digitize my files with safety

The Point Rental of digital space - archiving tools - ready-to-use templates for use (eg corporate bank account application or financing application folders) The blueprint The base is designed by us. The entrepreneur rents his space and files with complete [...]

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Come in to a business check-up

The Point You can objectively evaluate your company's performance, either at address level (vertically), at performance level (horizontally) or in combination. Within 48 hours, your company is subject to specific tests to determine as accurately as possible its creditworthiness, business [...]

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Get a modern corporate culture

The Point The ultimate goal of any modern business is to make it operational, efficient and easy to interface with the Sustainable Development Goals, as they have been enshrined by the UN General Assembly under it and expected to be [...]

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