Law and Economy

Law is a work of art, sculptured in the most turbulent periods of human history. Its extremely simple content - which is essentially about regulating all aspects of human relationships and activities - was the starting point for a long [...]

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Poll Tax ( vs Capital Tax)

Taxation is essentially the only state revenue. It is the only cash inflow on which almost all the cash outflows of the government are based. The potential gap between (smaller) inflows and (larger) outflows is covered either by internal or external [...]

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Wage-labor’s definitive end

From the birth of economic theory, the labor factor was placed at the heart of the scholars, because by nature, but also by historical data, possessed a character with a huge reserve of liquidity of intent. Top specimen, the theoretical confrontation between Adam Smith and Thomas Malthus , on [...]

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Inflation or Unemployment?

Inflation is recognized along with the employment rate as the two most fundamental par s s m e am the macroeconomic structure. The Keynesian model, completely escaping the microeconomic commitments of classical and neoclassical economics, proposed a completely different way of reading economic reality, abandoning the place and looking at the whole. Indeed, [...]

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The Equinox Equation

From the (always indefinitely) beginning of the unfavorable current economic conjuncture, among all that is written and spoken, the comparison of the crisis of 2008 with that of 1929 is a constant position. Of course, this is perfectly expected [...]

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Committees with Plans

New York in the early 19th century gave the picture of the future: It was not really a city but a "work in progress". An Architecture under construction, combined with a heterogeneous population in its origin, diverse in its behavior, complex in its [...]

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