Gold streaming :Joe Rogan, comedian, television presenter and mixed martial arts commentator (MMA), has become one of the most important, profitable and influential podcast hosts in recent years.

The most expensive podcasting contract is a fact: Joe Rogan on Spotify for $ 100 million (and more)

by Anne Steele

Popular TV actor Joe Rogan is transferring his podcast exclusively to Spotify Technology SA in a licensing deal worth more than $ 100 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The licensing agreement is one of the largest such offers in the fast-growing podcast business.

Comedian, TV host and martial arts commentator has become one of the most important and profitable podcast hosts in recent years, especially with the popular form of “vodcast” – video podcast – on YouTube.

Mr Rogan, 52, has so far maintained his podcast outside of Spotify, saying streaming service is not doing well enough compared to other services such as Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube. Its full library, 11 years old, will be available exclusively on Spotify from September 1st. His podcast videos, which will also appear on Spotify, will no longer be available on YouTube.

Spotify has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire entire companies, including Gilllet Media and Bill Gimmons’ The Ringer. The agreement with Mr. Rogan is a multi-year licensing agreement for a period of time that will not be disclosed. According to a person familiar with Mr. Rogan, the contract – based on target and popularity measurements – could exceed $ 100 million.

Last year, the creators of the popular crime podcast “My Favorite Murder” signed a two-year deal worth at least $ 10 million with the Stitcher unit of EW Scripps Co. According to analysts in this area, this deal was the largest ever.

Starting in 2009, The Joe Rogan Experience has created a “greedy” fan base that discusses a wide range of topics from neuroscience, sports and health to comedy and culture. Its broadcast is consistently ranked at the top of the Apple Podcast rankings.

Mr. Rogan’s sponsorship portfolio includes 23andMe, the Dollar Shave Club and ZipRecruiter.

“We will work together at the same rates and the show will be exactly the same,” Mr Rogan said as he announced the deal on his podcast on Tuesday. “The only difference will now be that our show will be available on the largest audio platform in the world.”

He also reassured his fans that the podcast will still be available for free at both Spotify-supported and premium levels.

The deal comes a year after Spotify, the largest subscription music streaming service, has made huge investments in podcasting as it becomes more than just a streaming platform. Spotify sees exclusive and original podcasts as a way to differentiate itself from other competing platforms.

The company’s revenue (which according to Media Research holds the top spot in podcasting streaming since 2020) from advertising, increased by 42% to $ 678.7 million, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Anne Steele Wall Street Journal’s journalist


Source : – Publication day : May 19th 2020