Regarding the government’s actions after the Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy, Tourism Minister Mr. Theocharis, noted that “our country was the first to take action following the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, from day one, so get out the CMD and activated 80 stamps instead of 100 and above one months unemployment benefit. ”

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister announced that “in the next two weeks will have signed a program of € 30 million to support workers, an amount very important to close this year and next for 2021”. “This program,” Mr. Theocharis added, “will be to subsidize 100% of employer contributions up to € 500 for business workers affected by the Thomas Cook issue.”

On the actions taken within the European institutions, the Tourism Minister said: “On 24 October the European Parliament voted in favor of better protection for consumers and workers from bankruptcy events, like that of Thomas Cook, but also for the use of European instruments support enterprises in bankruptcy such events. The same day the Competitiveness and Development Working Group met and the Ministry, which participated in this meeting, reaffirmed the need and importance of access to finance for small and medium-sized tourism enterprises. This is a need that we will support in all subsequent stages of the debate on the 2021-2027 financing program, and we met on 7 November with the European Commission Delegation in Greece. ”

Mr Theocharis went on to criticize the policy of the SYRIZA government, saying that “the Thomas Cook phenomenon is a phenomenon that came to the head of the SYRIZA government. It is a phenomenon that was built with EOT (The State Greek Tourist Organisation) funds from the government of Syriza, which got in 2005, € 400,000 from marketing co-operation with Thomas Cook and reached € 1.4 million in 2019. That, along with Thomas Cook, and went bankrupt the tourism policy of SYRIZA. You must finally understand this and stop shaking your finger and letting us in while you have dug into the boat about how we hold the bucket. This should not continue. ”

The tourism minister then said: “You talked about success. The success they have had so far is the rise of mass tourism which have served faithfully, through the expansion of mass tourism, the tour operators of Thomas Cook and others, swelling problem and we relinquished a problem when burst was 256% higher than it was when you came in 2015 “.

Mr. Theocharis also said that “after consultation with ministries, in the next two weeks is expected to complete preparations for the measure of subsidizing insurance contributions at 100% for business employees affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook».

Mr. Theocharis also said that “the fact that we acted immediately and the fact that we supported practitioners is the reason why and September figures are positive, with revenue growth of 16% yoy and 14% increase in nine months. ”

Finally, the Minister of Tourism announced the strengthening of EOT promotional program for next year, saying that “already we began advertising for Athens and Thessaloniki for the winter season in order to strengthen even more tourists in the difficult winter months . But it will also start advertising the year in January 2020. Not like 2019 that began 4 weeks before the election. “